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The Chernarus Free Press are the only remaining media group since the catastrophe. We are journalists and support crew dedicated to capturing and sharing the stories of survivors and bandits.

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The CFP are always looking to meet other like minded individuals or groups. If you would like to be a part of the CFP then contact us now.

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The CFP have set up a radio brodcast station and run a daily program 

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The CFP is involved in publications through many different mediums. Apart from the CFP paper, we also have CFP.TV, the CFP stories, random radio broadcasts and the CFP novel Survivors and Bandits.

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Through the use of carrier pigeons, notes and the occasional radio the CFP has set up a communication forum. This is how the CFP communicate with each other and the greater Chernarus community.

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If you would like to be interviewed then first familiarise yourself with the Interview Guidelines then contact Cherno Journo through any of the methods below.


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Celebrating 10,000 copies sold with a exculsive special edition

Novel cover

As part of the initial Indiegogo campaign a special edition novel was created. This version featured the full story plus an additional 108 pages of interview transcripts and Cherno Journo's own survivor diaries extracts. 

To celebrate selling over 10,000 copies we now offer this exclusive edition to all sales at This version of the novel retails at the same price as the standard edition and can only be purchased from 


About Survivors and Bandits

Survivors and Bandits is a full length (408 page 115,000 words) novel set within the world of Chernarus and DayZ. It tells a fictionalized story of 30 merchant seamen who wash up on the shore of Chernarus after the population has been decimated. The survivors quickly learn the rules of the new world where kill on sight and banditry become the norm. On this website you will find a free sample of the first 138 pages for you to download and judge for yourself.  


Survivors & Bandits - PDF Sample


Survivors and Bandits - Mobi Reader Sample


Survivors and Bandits - ePub Sample


Not sure which version is right for your eReader then look up you eReader on this WikiPedia page for assistance.


Differences Between the Standard Edition and Special Edition eBooks


My original intention was not to have two different books but idea for a special edition came out from the original Indiegogo funding campaign. All paperback copies are the Special Edition version and have all the additional content.


The Standard edition has the entire fictionalized story and that’s all. It is an opportunity to have a small piece of the DayZ world to read away from the computer. The Special Edition eBooks are for those who want to have extra content and learn more about Cherno Journo. It the entire story plus YouTube interview transcripts with Cherno Journo’s own commentary on what these stories meant to him. There are also entries from Cherno Journo’s own Survivor Diaries, a personal journal that he kept for the first few weeks of playing. These entries include strange encounters, his first day and a recount of his first and only murder.

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