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The Chernarus Free Press are the only remaining media group since the catastrophe. We are journalists and support crew dedicated to capturing and sharing the stories of survivors and bandits.

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The CFP are always looking to meet other like minded individuals or groups. If you would like to be a part of the CFP then contact us now.

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The CFP have set up a radio brodcast station and run a daily program 

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The CFP is involved in publications through many different mediums. Apart from the CFP paper, we also have CFP.TV, the CFP stories, random radio broadcasts and the CFP novel Survivors and Bandits.

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Through the use of carrier pigeons, notes and the occasional radio the CFP has set up a communication forum. This is how the CFP communicate with each other and the greater Chernarus community.

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If you would like to be interviewed then first familiarise yourself with the Interview Guidelines then contact Cherno Journo through any of the methods below.


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The CFP are always looking for new members in a casual or more permanent manner. If you’re interested in occasionally attending interviews, providing transportation or just joining in the fun and frivolity then consider becoming a Friend of the CFP. For a small donation of 5 tins of beans, to cover clothing and administration costs, you will be able to join missions in a variety of support role. These may be driver, security, scout or overwatch for an interview meet up. Or if you have high quality recording capabilities you could be an additional camera person.  To do this you need to join the CFP forums so as to access the Friends of the CFP area where future job requirements will be posted.

We do encourage other groups or like minded media organizations to be Friends of the CFP so that we can share resources and be able to help each other to spread the stories. The CFP will happily endorse and promote any other high quality journalistic productions that it comes across.

If you would like to be a permanent member of the CFP we have the following positions available.



Bodyguards are charged with protection of the CFP base of operations (location to be disclosed) and guarding the CFP team when out on interviews. Bodyguards are required to express judgment when being fired upon and must always attempt to disarm or disable a potential /verified threat before killing them. When on mission it will be up to the bodyguards to secure an area from infected and bandits and keep that area secure for the duration. It’s a tough job but in this brave new world the protection of the last media outlet is a calling few should refuse.



As Cherno Journo is only one man and there are millions of stories to share the CFP requires other reporters to assist him. Reporters may be required to prescreen potential interviewees, conduct interviews themselves, fact check, or field interview requests.  Although media training is a plus the only requirement is an interest in the study of human nature. It is a reporter’s job to set aside all judgment, and focus on the story being told by the interviewee. If you become a reporter then you must follow the strict ethical guidelines of the CFP. You must maintain discretion about any camp locations, potential attacks or other sensitive material an interviewee may inadvertently provide.  A reporter can never kill another survivor or bandit even if fired upon. You may use non-lethal force to disarm or disable an attacker but if a reporter is found to have killed another person they will be immediately submitted for review.  If the killing is determined to have been intentional then the reporter will be immediately stripped of their media license and disbarred from the CFP. 



The camera person must have a great eye for visual aesthesis. It will be their job to cover a reporter’s interview from multiple angles and then provide the footage to the CFP for editing. A camera person is required to be able to record in 1080p at a minimum of 30FPS and have an upload speed of at least 2.5mbs to ensure fast file transfer. The camera person will sit down with the reporter prior to an interview to discuss potential wide and two shot possibilities, angles of coverage and other visual requirements.

Download the first 138 pages of the DayZ novel for free. Click on the novel cover below for links

The DayZ Novel Survivors and Bandits is a 408 page full length novel that tells  the fictionalized story of 30 survivors who find themselves stranded on the Chernarus coastline during a zombie outbreak.


The novel focuses on the dynamics between the men and that battle with each other and the zombies to survive. Tough choices are to be made and morals sacrificed at the alter of survival. The men may live through the nightmare but at what cost.  


Surviviors and Bandits is inspired by the DayZ world and other great zombie works of  fiction such as World War Z, Day by Day Armageddon and Deadlock. 

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