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The Chernarus Free Press are the only remaining media group since the catastrophe. We are journalists and support crew dedicated to capturing and sharing the stories of survivors and bandits.

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The CFP are always looking to meet other like minded individuals or groups. If you would like to be a part of the CFP then contact us now.

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The CFP have set up a radio brodcast station and run a daily program 

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The CFP is involved in publications through many different mediums. Apart from the CFP paper, we also have CFP.TV, the CFP stories, random radio broadcasts and the CFP novel Survivors and Bandits.

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Through the use of carrier pigeons, notes and the occasional radio the CFP has set up a communication forum. This is how the CFP communicate with each other and the greater Chernarus community.

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If you would like to be interviewed then first familiarise yourself with the Interview Guidelines then contact Cherno Journo through any of the methods below.


DayZ Intel - The Latest DayZ Standalone News


It was a chance encounter


"he said beep beep Muthafucker get on the bus."

Van Halen are a group of players who didn't kill on sight

Van Halen's story is one I wish more people who killed on sight watched. It tells the story of four players whose chance encounter at Balota Airfield didn't end in bloodshed. Rather than shoot each other on sight they decided to team up. They have now logged over 100 hours of playing together and developed a lasting friendship - to me that is more valuable than any virtual gear. 

The interview is conducted at the NorthEast Airfield on a populated server.

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"I don't know what he was thinking..."

Klesh's first murder interview.

In this interview with Klesh I find myself in a very fortunate situation. Klesh made contact with me just two hours after he had committed his first murder. Not one to lose an opportunity to hear a story fresh from a Survivor I asked Klesh to pick me up and we had the interview at Tolpolka Dam.

The story Klesh tells is one of murder, betrayal and protecting his first car. There's something about DayZ, and because we work so hard to gather loot and vehicles, people will fight to protect them.

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"I was supposed to protect him..."

Endrids tale of his brothers murder.

I found this interview interesting for two reasons. First it is a first murder interview but this time from the perspective of the victim rather than the perpetrator. Secondly the interview demonstrates the power a little bit of role playing can add to the experience of anyone who plays DayZ. In Endrid’s case his interview tells of the time that he first played DayZ with his little brother. For anyone who has had a younger sibling can relate to Endrid’s need to protect and shelter his younger brother and how he felt when they were ambushed by bandits. This interview has been one of the most emotional ones to date and shows the real emotions DayZ can create. Enjoy.  

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"I don't think I've ever been spotted..."

Mandalore is a pure survivor, the ultimate Lone Wolf.

This is the first video in the Good Guys of DayZ series where I chronicle the unsung heros of DayZ and how they make Chernarus a better place. First up is Mandalore who I now refer to as the ultimate lone wolf. Although he wears a ghille and carries an AS-50 he is his own words "not an asshole" and plays DayZ as a pure survival game.

Mandalore practices what he preaches as this is our second interview after we were ambushed on the first try. Although he had plenty of opportunities to take out the ambushers his and my own survival were paramount and instead we focused on escape through cover than engagement.

The interview is conducted in a valley at the far north of the map. A place we thought was safe from an ambush until we discover another player within 100m of us as we spawned in.

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Download the first 138 pages of the DayZ novel for free. Click on the novel cover below for links

The DayZ Novel Survivors and Bandits is a 408 page full length novel that tells  the fictionalized story of 30 survivors who find themselves stranded on the Chernarus coastline during a zombie outbreak.


The novel focuses on the dynamics between the men and that battle with each other and the zombies to survive. Tough choices are to be made and morals sacrificed at the alter of survival. The men may live through the nightmare but at what cost.  


Surviviors and Bandits is inspired by the DayZ world and other great zombie works of  fiction such as World War Z, Day by Day Armageddon and Deadlock. 

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