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The Chernarus Free Press are the only remaining media group since the catastrophe. We are journalists and support crew dedicated to capturing and sharing the stories of survivors and bandits.

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The CFP are always looking to meet other like minded individuals or groups. If you would like to be a part of the CFP then contact us now.

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The CFP have set up a radio brodcast station and run a daily program 

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The CFP is involved in publications through many different mediums. Apart from the CFP paper, we also have CFP.TV, the CFP stories, random radio broadcasts and the CFP novel Survivors and Bandits.

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Through the use of carrier pigeons, notes and the occasional radio the CFP has set up a communication forum. This is how the CFP communicate with each other and the greater Chernarus community.

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If you would like to be interviewed then first familiarise yourself with the Interview Guidelines then contact Cherno Journo through any of the methods below.


DayZ Intel - The Latest DayZ Standalone News



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The CFP is becoming increasing involved in a more formalized publication system as time moves on and we all get used to the infected. We have managed to source a printing press which is currently kept in an undisclosed location and due to the generosity of a benefactor we now have a working generator and fuel. This means we are now able to produce written books en masse along with the interviews already distributed by the CFP.TV network.

The first publication to come off the CFP press was the stellar novel Survivors and Bandits written by Cherno Journo, which can be purchased directly from the CFP. There are samples of the first 138 pages that have been photocopied and can be found at local gas stations, inside churches and on the roof top of hospitals. The CFP asks that when you are done reading the sample if you could return it to the location you retrieved it from so that another Survivor will be able to enjoy the world of DayZ at their camp. 

The CFP also provides free content on CFP.TV which includes interviews and recordings of our escapades. We have also managed to attach a remote feed camera and found a working broadcast van so the CFP does stream our adventures live at 

We also occasionally find journals or scraps of paper that document the stories of other survivors or banditry. These stories are available in the CFP journals or can be read out on the Donut Zombies Podcast which is broadcast from the Green Mountain facility.  To submit your own or a found written story to the CFP using this carrier pigeon.


Other interesting CFP endorsed media outlets include:




The CFP is a unique group within Chernarus in that we continually strive to remain neutral to the battle between Survivors and Bandits over the scare resources. Like many other groups though we still require the survival essentials including food, water, guns and ammunitions for management of the infected. Through the generous donations from Friends Of the CFP do help us but occasionally we need to mount raiding parties or coordinate with other groups for trade. The main thing to remember about the CFP is that we remain friendly and neutral to all players, we will never attack or kill on sight and will only fire to defend ourselves. Wherever possible we will use non lethal force to incapacitate a threat and then extract out.


If other groups would like to mount regular trades with the CFP or provide protection details when we are on mission please contact us on the CFP forums and become a permanent Friend of the CFP. As the only media organization still operating we hope that our goal of sharing the stories inspires others to make their remaining time in Chernarus special.

Download the first 138 pages of the DayZ novel for free. Click on the novel cover below for links

The DayZ Novel Survivors and Bandits is a 408 page full length novel that tells  the fictionalized story of 30 survivors who find themselves stranded on the Chernarus coastline during a zombie outbreak.


The novel focuses on the dynamics between the men and that battle with each other and the zombies to survive. Tough choices are to be made and morals sacrificed at the alter of survival. The men may live through the nightmare but at what cost.  


Surviviors and Bandits is inspired by the DayZ world and other great zombie works of  fiction such as World War Z, Day by Day Armageddon and Deadlock. 

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