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The Chernarus Free Press are the only remaining media group since the catastrophe. We are journalists and support crew dedicated to capturing and sharing the stories of survivors and bandits.

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The CFP are always looking to meet other like minded individuals or groups. If you would like to be a part of the CFP then contact us now.

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The CFP have set up a radio brodcast station and run a daily program 

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The CFP is involved in publications through many different mediums. Apart from the CFP paper, we also have CFP.TV, the CFP stories, random radio broadcasts and the CFP novel Survivors and Bandits.

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Through the use of carrier pigeons, notes and the occasional radio the CFP has set up a communication forum. This is how the CFP communicate with each other and the greater Chernarus community.

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If you would like to be interviewed then first familiarise yourself with the Interview Guidelines then contact Cherno Journo through any of the methods below.


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CFP radio are a group of survivors who have banded together to build up and broadcast a radio show from a secret location in the depths of Chernarus. We bounce our radio signal off the still operational Green Mountain tower to reach across the entire Chernarus region. We power our signal through solar cells and utilize a bio diesel generator to broad cast at night.


Although we have no radio experience CFP radio felt it was important to have the ability to communicate with and share the stories of other survivors. We aim to provide crucial survival information, locations of any safe zones, information on possible trading locations and music. Our mission is to let you know that you are not alone, we are here and together we can survive.


If you would like to contact CFP radio or become a part of the team then please contact us on using the links on the left.


To listen to an example of our broadcasts click on the link below.


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CFP Radio Sample mp3


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The CFP follows very strict ethical guidelines. We never attack, kill or judge other players. The CFP are only interested in capturing and sharing the stories and as such take a neutral stance to the horrors within Chernarus. These guidelines are there to ensure your safety and freedom are secure. Our reporters will never kill any survivor or bandit. Reporters may occasionally be supported by our own internal security force or external security contractors who will shoot if fired upon.  It is their job to protect the CFP and any interviewees from potential bandit attacks. We are here to capture and share your stories – you can trust the CFP to be fair, balanced and to always protect a source.



Cherno Journo began his life as many after the incident did, washed up on the shore of Chernarus with no idea what had occurred. In his need to comprehend the situation he was in Cherno Journo began speaking to and interviewing other Survivors. Having previously worked as a writer and studied a journalism degree like many people he fell back onto the skills he knew to process and understand the events around him. He started by recording these events as an oral history but felt that the stories should be shared with others in order for us all to better understand the world of DayZ.


Using a small found digital camera and recharging through a secret generator Cherno Journo started to record the interviews with players. These recordings would be edited on a laptop and shared with other survivors through USB sticks and an intricate network of messengers who would copy and share the stories.  These USB sticks and the recording have formed part of CFP.TV, a place where Survivors can make copies onto their own USB sticks of the Cherno Journo interviews.


Huddled over a campfire in the rain the Cherno Journo interviews gave hope to many of the Survivors and Bandits out there. They could relate to the stories and felt the need to share their own. Soon Cherno Journo was finding notes left on bulletin boards, scraps of journals left behind and many of the Survivors out there felt the need to make contact and share their own story.  The Cherno Journo interviews grew in popularity and began to inspire other Survivors to change to alter their own ethics within DayZ.


This popularity led to the founding of the CFP to allow other like-minded individuals and groups the opportunity to help Cherno Journo in capturing and sharing the stories. For more on how to become a friend of the CFP see HERE.

Download the first 138 pages of the DayZ novel for free. Click on the novel cover below for links

The DayZ Novel Survivors and Bandits is a 408 page full length novel that tells  the fictionalized story of 30 survivors who find themselves stranded on the Chernarus coastline during a zombie outbreak.


The novel focuses on the dynamics between the men and that battle with each other and the zombies to survive. Tough choices are to be made and morals sacrificed at the alter of survival. The men may live through the nightmare but at what cost.  


Surviviors and Bandits is inspired by the DayZ world and other great zombie works of  fiction such as World War Z, Day by Day Armageddon and Deadlock. 

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